Thursday, December 6, 2012

My First Day of Couponing

Laura has been teaching me how to coupon. I had my first big day of couponing today. Adele and I went to Safford. We did some errands and then she let me do my couponing thing. She actually enjoyed helping me shop. I was grateful she let me take the time to do it. I did go to 4 different stores to collect this- Bashas, Dollar Tree, Safeway and Walgreens.  I know it was not an amazing trip, but I did save 50%.  The total bill was $30.57 for 21 items.  That averages out to $1.45 per item.  There are two bottles of hand soap that aren't pictured.  I know others have done better, but I am just learning. Here is what I spent:
Cereal - $1.26
Biscuits - $1.15
Cookies\ Mix - $.66
Efferdent - $.25
Lysol - $.75
Gum - $1.75
Karo - $2.00
Candy - $1.95
Foaming Hand Soap (not shown) - $1.00

I saved over 50%!!!

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